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Metering Design

Vitality Energy understands that metering systems can be difficult to implement.  We offer complete energy metering design services and implementation options. 


What is the point of energy metering if the data you are getting is bad?  Vitality Energy offers a complete programming and commissioning service for any energy meter.  

Tenant Billing

Eliminate the hassle of manually entering data into a spreadsheet or some outdated software.  Vitality automates the entire utility bill back process from beginning to end. 

Companies Trust Vitality With Their Energy Management

The University of Utah




Pro-Active Energy Management

Manage all parts of your energy profile from power to natural gas, water, BTU & steam.  


The Vitality platform puts all of your energy information at your fingertips.  

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You can't manage what you can't measure

Utility Costs

Peak Demand

Energy Consumption

Building Drift


RealTime Energy.png

Real Time Energy Analytics

Know what is happening inside your facility as it happens. 


The Vitality platform provides all of the critical data you need to make informed decisions.  

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Start Saving Money Through Energy Intelligence.
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Utility Bill Comparison

Are you being billed correctly from the utility?
You may be surprised by the billing errors we have found on our platform.

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Still Entering Utility Bills into a spreadsheet every month?
Stop Wasting Time


Automated Tenant Billing

Your time is valuable.  Stop wasting time entereing data into outdated management systems and spreadsheets.  The Vitality Tenant Billing feature automates the utilty bill back process.


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