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Vitality’s energy managers are helping organizations of all sizes reduce their energy costs through a state-of-the-art analytics platform.

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The Vitality Quick Start energy metering system is the quickest and easiest way to begin measuring your facility’s energy consumption.

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Energy wire

Keep up to date with the latest information in the energy field by following our blog and newsletter.

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Companies Trust Vitality With Their Energy Management

The University of Utah

Dedicated Virtual Energy Manager


Dedicated Professional

With Vitality Energy you have a virtual energy manager at your disposal.  Our team of energy professionals can help you identify ways to save money and reduce energy costs.  


Our energy managers bring years of experience to the challenge of helping you identify the best ways to save money. 


[Full disclosure: they might not be this cute!]

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Solve The Energy Puzzle


Utility Bill Verification with Vitality

Vitality will help you streamline your operations by reducing your energy consumption and avoiding operational issues that are costing you money.


Every day, changes in your operations can cause changes to your energy consumption pattern.  With Vitality Energy analytics you can quickly identify those things that are costing you money such as operational stray and utility billing errors. 

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Balanced Energy Management Process


Start by creating a baseline from

real-time and utility bill data.


Eliminate waste by optimizing

the energy you are using.


Become more energy independent

by producing your own energy in a sustainable manner.


After your building is optimized,

avoid reverting back by eliminating operational stray.

Pro-Active Energy Management

Vitality combines industry leading software with proven knowledge of energy management best practices.  With Vitality analytics, you will know what is happening within your energy systems and you will be presented with options for reducing consumption and for operating more efficiently. The Vitality platform offers the only complete energy management software.

Vitality Energy Kiosk Screen

Kiosk displays are simply TV monitors that rotate through displays that you feel are important for your organization or customers. The screen rotations are completely programmable, allowing you to define the screens you want to spotlight, the order of rotation and the amount of time they should persist on the screen. You might simply want to show a live display of real-time KWH usage, or rotate between KWH, Demand, power factor, and gas decatherms. It is totally up to you, but don’t miss the chance to promote your message in a powerful way to your organization.

Vitality kiosks will inject life into your energy culture!

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Measurement & Verification

Vitality can then take the information from those meters and apply industry leading analytics on your energy data.  In addition to tenant sub-billing, sub-system specific data from before and after implementing an energy conservation measure such as a lighting upgrade will precisely measure the change in energy consumption and verify the savings accomplished.

Tenant Energy Billing with Vitality

This allows you to justify your energy initiatives to upper management and it helps our energy managers to work more closely with you to identify additional ways to reduce your energy consumption. 


Combining this data with your own Virtual Energy Manager allows you to effectively reduce your energy consumption.   


Vitality does all the heavy lifting for you!

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Vitality Quick Start Metering

The Vitality quick start metering platform is the quickest and easiest way to start with energy analytics. This all-in-one platform ships with everything you need to get going. Installation is very simple and can be performed by any qualified electrician, after which the Quick Start meter automatically connects to the Vitality cloud giving you real-time energy analytics for your facility!



  • Utility Bill Automation and Comparison
  • Real-Time "Live" Energy data
  • Alarming
  • Reporting
  • Quick & Easy install
  • Easy expansion to unlimited additional meters, including gas, water, and others
  • No Internet Access Required!


Combined, all these features give you the insights you need to quickly gain control of your energy consumption and start saving money. What will you do with the time and money you will save?   

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