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To Our Veterans: A Heart Felt Thank You!

November 11, 2017 7:05 AM / by

 Dan Lunt

Posted in Liberty & Justice Tribute US Policy Peace

I hate to give up my age but I was a teenager during the Vietnam war era. My draft lottery number was 51. I would have been required to report for service but I had just started college and got a deferment. As things turned out, the war ended before my deferments ran out and I dodged the bullet, so to speak. But I had and lost a number of friends who served in Vietnam. Those who made it home were often wounded and almost always scarred in some way. At that time, I was too young and immature to fully recognize how much they sacrificed for the rest of us, but not so much that I couldn’t recognize the travesty of a nation that disrespected its veterans.

In Memorium: A Tribute to our Fallen Heros

May 29, 2017 9:00 AM / by

 Dan Lunt

Posted in Liberty & Justice Tribute

Today is Memorial Day. It is the holiday that marks the beginning of another summer season. The school year is ending for our kids. In our gardens, the flowers are blooming. Most of us have plans to spend time with family and friends in some form of recreation.