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Energy Metering Design.

Energy Metering Design.

Easy Design.
Easy Monitoring.

Complete energy monitoring services from design to bid and specifications, Summa offers everything you will ever need.

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If you suspect that metering would be beneficial for your company but just don't know where to start, Summa Energy Solutions will create a design and implementation plan that will virtually guarantee a successful metering and energy analytics system. Since we are agnostic to meter hardware, we will create specifications and even help you create the RFPs for hardware acquisition and installation. Alternatively, if you want us to simply do it all, we can also supply the meter hardware and arrange for the installation.


Once the hardware is in place, Summa's Vitality team will take care of the programming and commissioning. With over 10 years of experience in meter system design and implementation our teams are expert at designing precisely the energy analytics system you require to meet your energy management needs.


Easy four step process


Step 1: Identify

Identify existing meters and what additional meters are needed for a complete energy profile.


Step 2: Plan

Create construction ready plans for full metering infrastructure.


Step 3: Execute

Oversee the bid, construction and implementation process to verify a seamless integration.


Step 4: Program

Program and commission meters to verify data being provided to the Vitality Platform is accurate.

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