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A good metering/analytics system starts with a great design. Summa's Vitality design team will assure that you start out right.

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Summa's expert implementation team will program & commission your system to assure system and data reliability and integrity.

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Vitality rarely has issues but if something goes wrong, Summa's maintenance team will assure that you are back up and running in no time!

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A complete Process

A complete Process


The process starts with locating existing energy meters and identifying where to place additional meters for a complete energy profile.


Where possible, existing meters are incorporated into the design of the system.

Programming & Commissioning

Proper Programming and Commissioning of both existing and new meters are essential to proper operation.


Metered data needs a path back to the Vitality cloud. An Internet connection will be required.


Meter types and placement as well as communications protocols and software are brought together into a seamless metering system design.

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Summa provides consulting for and oversight of installation contractors to assure optimal and proper installation of any new meters.


Meter maintenance is a critical component of energy management. Summa Energy offers full maintenance for every meter it deploys.


Summa can share data with a variety of front end solution.  If you don't know where to start, the Vitality system is a simple, easy to use solutions to energy metering.

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Summa can share data with a variety of front end solution.  If you don't know where to start, the Vitality system is a simple, easy to use solutions to energy metering.

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Professional Quick Start Solutions

Professional Quick Start

  • Utilizes existing utility meters
  • A data acquisition server is deployed to relay metered data to the Vitality cloud via the Internet
  • Vitality dashboards display your data to your computers or mobile devices
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Complete Metering Design

Complete Metering Design

  • Comprehensive review of your metering needs
  • Layout and design of metering system that meets needs
  • Specify existing meters in design where possible
  • Specify optimal placement of data acquisition servers for efficient data collection and communications
  • Specification of Internet connections via ethernet, wireless or cellular modems
  • Vitality screen & report customization to your needs
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Easy Turn-Key Implementation

Easy Turn-Key Implementation

  • For those who just want it all done for them
  • Summa creates design and:
  • provides all metering and communications hardware
  • finds and supervises installation contractor
  • programs and commissions all equipment
  • provides all setup in Vitality software system
  • provides user training
  • provides all on-going maintenance
  • The customer has all that is needed to better manage energy resources in their facilities without dealing with meters.
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Ongoing Commissioning & Maintenance

Ongoing Commissioning & Maintenance

  • Summa continuously monitors meter outputs for anomalies
  • Summa sends technician to check out observed anomalies
  • Summa does physical inspections at least annually
  • Summa technician corrects any problems as they occur.
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