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Summa offers metering and communications hardware that perfectly meets the demands imposed by the Vitality energy analytics platform. With our hardware, you can be confident in the functionality and reliability of your metering system.

Contract Labor

Summa has contracted with qualified electricians in your area to assure expert installation of your metering and communications hardware. If you have in-house electricians, we can also provide the support they will need for an expert installation.


Summa's Vitality programming and commissioning team will assure that all aspects of your system are set up perfectly to meet the requirements of your energy management team.

Turn-Key Implementation

Metering and analytics systems can be complex and time consuming to design and implement. Sourcing equipment through multiple vendors and contracting for the installation work can be a bewildering process. How do you know if you've selected knowledgeable and reliable suppliers? Will it work properly when done? Who do you call if something goes wrong? With Summa's Vitality design and implementation service, we can provide you a turn-key system that is guaranteed to work to your specifications. Further, if anything goes wrong with the system down the road, Summa is the single contact point for getting it fixed. Summa's Vitality package makes energy analytics easy!

Speed up the implementation process.


Speed up the implementation process.

Our licensed and bonded professionals can implement metering quickly and professionally into any facility.



Many of our customers have already attempted to implement a metering system - often with disappointing results. What they really want is the end result - easy to understand analytic information they can trust so they can use it to make energy and business management decisions.


Summa's business is energy analytics. We understand it and we understand the tools required to implement it. With over 10 years of experience in this field, we know what works well and what doesn't. We know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.


With Summa's turn-key design and implementation service, you can have all of the advantages of our experience and expertise. We will work with your energy management team to fully understand your needs and we will design the system to meet those needs. We will supply the appropriate equipment, arrange for and supervise its installation, program and commission it and test and verify that it is working to specifications. When it is all finished and tested, we will hand you a system that is guaranteed to provide you accurate and reliable information in an easy-to-use format.


Finally, after it is completed, we will continue to monitor the system to assure that it continues to provide true and accurate data. Our maintenance program will cover hardware and software failures and will even cover the recommissioning of devices that are inadvertently taken offline through work being done by other electricians.


We can do it quickly, painlessly and probably at a lower cost than you would incur by doing it yourself. But most importantly, we guarantee that it will work - accurately and reliably. With Summa's Vitality package, we have you covered!

The Complete energy analytic process