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Metering Maintenance

Metering Maintenance




Keep your data integrity in line with our industry leading customer service and ongoing meter maintenance.


Summa's maintenance program is simple. We guarantee that our systems will work according to specifications and we warranty our parts and labor for one year from the date of commissioning.


To verify proper operation, we electronically monitor your system on a continuous basis. Readings that are outside the realm of reason or inconsistent with past readings will trigger additional diagnostics. If necessary a technician will be dispatched to physically examine the hardware and make repairs. An annual physical inspection is included even if there is no indication of trouble. This assures that no physical conditions exist that might impair meter operation in the coming year.


We recommend an extended maintenance package for services beyond the first year. This provides an affordable and reliable way to assure that your system continues to provide the intended benefits for many years. Pricing is based on system size and configuration.

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