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You pay the energy costs...

Your tenants use the energy...

Where is the incentive for tenants to save energy?

Utility Sub-Metering Made Easy

Automated Bill Calculation

Vitality gathers data from both utility bills and from tenant meters.  This fully automated system allows you to eliminate errors that are costing you money and revenue.  Never worry about utility rates again with Vitality.

  • Time of Use and Tiered Pricing 
  • Bill tenants through real-time meters, square footage or percentage of the utility bill.
  • Your own Virtual Energy Manager will assist you with the tenant billing set up.  
  • Easy no-touch bill processing.  

Customizable Tenant Invoices

Every tenant has their own needs.  The Vitality system allows you to fully customize and bill tenants based off of their needs.  This simple to use system allows you to bill for what the tenant is actually using.

  • Eliminate annoying tenant complaints
  • Multiple tenants on one invoice.  
  • Add your own fees such as garbage removal, service fees & more.  

Third Party Integrations

Stop entering data into spreadsheets and outdated software solutions.  Vitality can integrate with hundreds of third-party software solutions, such as accounting software and energy star.

  • Eliminate data entry
  • Track tenant payment history
  • Generate additional revenue.  

Remote Meter Reading

Free up time on that busy schedule.  Never manually read a meter again.  Vitality automates the utility bill back process freeing up time in in your busy schedule.

  • Generate bills from automatic meter reading.
  • Eliminate the errors that manual readings created
  • Match Utility rate schedules and billing dates automatically.  

Tenant Access

Stop answering frustrated calls from tenants wondering why their energy costs are high.  With Vitality's tenant billing, all of your tenants get a full access to all of their energy use and historical data.

  • Unlimited users and user views
  • Corporate Tenants can view multiples tenants spaces from one platform.
  • Tenants can pay bills online.
  • Historical bill download

The Merchandise Mart in Chicago uses Vitality to automatically invoice over 300 tenants monthly.
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