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Vitality Energy & Summa Energy Solutions

Summa Energy Solutions

Summa Energy Solutions is a Utah company formed originally by Christopher Atkins, a Utah certified energy manager. Having done energy management work for the State of Utah and for the University of Utah, Chris saw a pressing need for better energy consumption data. Existing metering systems were complicated, and in many cases, they had either never worked properly or had ceased to function altogether. As a consequence, users were frustrated in their efforts to extract usable information from them.


After fixing the issues at the State and at the University, Chris started to hear from people in both the public and private sectors who were experiencing similar problems. It became clear that there was an urgent need for his services in all market segments, and Summa Energy Solutions was formed.


Since then, the growing Summa team has commissioned and is maintaining thousands of meters in a variety of settings. Summa's product line has now grown to include everything necessary to implement comprehensive monitoring systems that enable energy managers with tools to be smart and effective at their jobs. The Vitality energy analytics system is the current culmination of those efforts.

Vitality core values

Summa core values

1. Transparency in all things

2. Be Fun & Exciting

3. Think Outside the Box

4. Teamwork is essential

5. unique customer experience

6. family first

7. extreme ownership

8. open communication

9. work hard, play hard