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Become Pro-Active In Your Energy Management

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Know when your energy moves outside operating norms.


Are you wanting to take a more pro-active approach to your energy management?  If so, Vitality's energy comparison and reporting features will help you reach your goals. 


The energy comparison report allows you to chart any data point over any given amount of time and visualize the data to identify when your energy consumption peaks or moves outside normal operating standards.  This allows you to know key data insights such as when your peak demand happens.  


In addition to the visualization of the data that is being provided to Vitality, the energy comparison features also benchmarks all of the data for the energy point.  This allows Vitality to start to predict future energy consumption as well as notify users when energy is being consumed at a higher rate than normal.  


When Vitality sees these growth patterns or abnormal spikes in energy consumption it automatically alarms all users of the energy spike. This alarms can be delivered to users in a number of different ways.


When you have the data at your fingertips, you can now become a more pro-active energy manager!  

Live Reporting on all Utilities




Natural Gas

Natural Gas








Be notified if any of your energy benchmarks move outside of normal operating range when it happens

Historic Usage

Vitality stores historical data for any of the data points provided.  This data can be used to track energy consumption over time as well as identify when and where abnormalities happen.  

Weather Normalization

Because it is almost impossible to compare any day to another day, Vitality also takes into consideration all standards for weather normalization and energy management.  This allows the data being shown to be more accurate and informational.  

Predictive Usage

Because being pro-active in your energy management is so important, Vitality also uses comprehensive algorithms to predict future energyconsumption. These proprietary algorithms allow you to be notified if and when energy consumption spikes outside of normal tolerances.  

Easy to use reporting and data visualization.  

Whole Building Energy Analytics

Vitality's Comparison Report provides you with an easy visualization of the historical data trends of any of your metering points.  This easy to read graph allows you to know when any point moves outside of normal operating standards.  


Because it is just as important to know when something happens, as it happens, as it is to know when it happened historically, Vitality also alerts its users as any data point goes outside of historical usage.  


The alarming inside Vitality can be done via text message, email or daily reporting.  Pro-Active Energy Management is the only way to truly gain control of energy.