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energy cost per unit

Whether you're billing your tenants or simply keeping track of costs, Vitality can provide precise energy costs and even automated billing if desired for each unit.

anomaly alerts

Did water consumption suddenly jump beyond normal limits? Knowing immediately can mean the difference between a simple plumbing repair and major flood damage.

measure & verify

Did adding solar power or upgrading the lighting or insulation really provide the promised savings? Vitality removes the guesswork and allows you to hold vendors accountable.

Building Owners Vital Information

Building Owners Vital Information

Property managers face a number of challenges. Specifically, energy costs and allocations are challenging because monthly totals on utility bills simply don't tell you all you need to know about how the energy is being used or how you might improve efficiency. With Vitality, however, you can know where, when and how your facilities are using energy and accurately allocate the expenses to the appropriate departments or tenants. It can also automatically generate tenant invoices for their share of utility usage if desired.


If you are considering or have already implemented energy saving initiatives, Vitality can provide baseline information and measure the results. If that rooftop solar system or lighting upgrade isn't providing the expected savings, Vitality can provide the data you will need to verify results and perhaps hold the vendor responsible.


Finally, Vitality's alert system can also help you react to problems before they grow out of control. For example, a sudden increase in water consumption beyond normal limits might suggest a broken pipe. An immediate alert provides the opportunity to fix the plumbing before it turns into a major flood recovery effort. Likewise, spikes in electrical use might suggest failing equipment or a wiring problem.


Vitality saves you money by allowing you to fix problems while they are still manageable and relatively inexpensive.

Automate The Utility Bill Back Process


Whenever energy saving initiatives are contemplated, it becomes important to establish baselines. This generally involves collecting past utility bills and entering all of the relevant information into a spreadsheet. If you have multiple meters, this can be a time-consuming and laborious process.


Vitality's utility bill optimization module can perform all of that work for you. Simply link Vitality to your online account and Vitality will automatically extract all of the pertinent data from your bills, store it in your Vitality database and provide reports for you. If your utility doesn't allow electronic access, Vitality can also scan the data off of printed copies.


Whether merely establishing baselines, analyzing trends or comparing against your own metering, Vitality can save you time and money on utility bill data gathering.

Market specific features



With multiple login and custom

user interfaces, government

agencies can now have all their

energy data in one place.

For Profit

For Profit

Keep an eye on the one expense

that goes directly to the bottom

line, your energy consumption!

Building Owners

Building Owners

With live metering and utility

sub-meter (tenant) invoicing,

building owners have essential

energy tools at their fingertips.

Energy Professionals

Energy Professionals

Remove the mystery from energy management.  With Vitality, your customers can know exactly how

your products are performing.