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flexible real-time views

Whether you have one or many buildings and/or locations, you can have the data you want in real time. Vitality gives you the information you need to be your organization's energy hero!

Measure & verify

Accurately measure the results of energy initiatives to verify return on investment and hold vendors responsible if necessary for their promised savings.

Exception alerts

If a consumption value suddenly falls outside of established parameters, Vitality will immediately send alerts, allowing you to fix problems before they grow into major issues.

The Energy Professional's Best Tool

The Energy Professional's Best Tool

One would never consider flying an aircraft without the appropriate status gauges and navigation instruments. While perhaps not as life & death critical, we would suggest that you shouldn't fly blind with regard to managing your facility's energy use either.


A monthly utility bill serves the needs of the utility but tells you, the customer, very little other than total consumption for a month that typically ended 2-4 weeks ago. By the time a problem shows up on the bill, as much as two months might have passed since it started and you still have little or no information regarding what the problem was or is.


Like the gauges and instruments in an aircraft, Vitality provides real-time information on a wide array of your facility's energy health parameters. How much energy is used by your lighting, your HVAC system, your manufacturing equipment, your office equipment, etc.? What is causing your peak demand loads and when does it happen? Is your gas and water consumption as efficient as it could be?


With Vitality, you will have the information you need to diagnose problems and fine-tune your facilities into the best possible models of energy efficiency.

Measurement &


Did your latest solar installation live up to expectations? How about the lighting or insulation upgrades? Do you need to upgrade your HVAC system? Would it help to redistribute loads in your building?


Vitality will answer these questions and many more. Comparing historical data to current real-time data, you can know exactly what the results of every energy saving effort has been. You can also see if consumption is trending up and suggest ways to counter the increases.


So whether you are justifying energy saving expenditures to your management team or trying to hold vendors to their promises, Vitality can give you the measurement and verification tools to move forward with confidence.

Market specific features



With multiple login and custom

user interfaces, government

agencies can now have all their

energy data in one place.

For Profit

For Profit

Keep an eye on the one expense

that goes directly to the bottom

line, your energy consumption!

Building Owners

Building Owners

With live metering and utility

sub-meter (tenant) invoicing,

building owners have essential

energy tools at their fingertips.

Energy Professionals

Energy Professionals

Remove the mystery from energy management.  With Vitality, your customers can know exactly how

your products are performing.