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Government agencies live in a world of regulations. Vitality provides the tools necessary to verify compliance with energy-related regulations.

flexible views

Define the data to be seen and who sees it. With Vitality, every manager will have the information needed to manage energy within their group, department or agency..


Did the latest lighting upgrade produce the desired results? With Vitality measurement and verification you will have the data to verify the exact results of all energy saving efforts.

Optimized for Government

Optimized for Government

Information At Users Fingertips

Within government agencies there might be many people who have energy related responsibilities. Each will want to see the specific data that directly relates to their responsibilities without being inundated with data unrelated to what they do.


With Vitality custom views, Vitality knows who you are when you login and displays exactly what you need to see to do your job. So if you're in charge of the entire agency, you can see it all. If you are responsible for a building, you'll see everything related to that building.


Flexibility and relevance are the hallmarks of the Vitality system!

Market specific features



With multiple login and custom

user interfaces, government

agencies can now have all their

energy data in one place.

For Profit

For Profit

Keep an eye on the one expense

that goes directly to the bottom

line, your energy consumption!

Building Owners

Building Owners

With live metering and utility

sub-meter (tenant) invoicing,

building owners have essential

energy tools at their fingertips.

Energy Professionals

Energy Professionals

Remove the mystery from energy management.  With Vitality, your customers can know exactly how

your products are performing.