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Demand Management

Get the upper hand on demand charges. Vitality will pinpoint the causes and magnitude of your demand charges so you can manage them with confidence.

Instant notifications

If an energy parameter falls outside the norm, you want to know right now! Vitality will instantly alert you to anomalies so you can respond quickly.

Energy cost per unit

Vitality provides precise energy cost information allowing you to know and manage your cost per unit produced. Improve your bottom line with Vitality!

Manage Your Energy

Manage Your Energy

A monthly utility bill is a bit like being sent a report on your vehicle at the end of each month telling you your average speed and number of miles covered. I don't know about you, but I want to know how fast I'm going right now! Not knowing could be costly.


Likewise, in manufacturing, real-time energy consumption and cost information for every item you produce is essential to managing your margins and bottom line. For example:


  • How does the hydraulic press on production line 2 affect my demand charges?
  • Does it matter how the timing is set up?
  • Would staggering operations reduce my costs?
  • Is there something happening that I wasn't aware of?
  • How does weather affect my costs?
  • Did that recent lighting upgrade really save me any money?
  • etc.


Vitality provides the information you need to make informed decisions, calculate cost per unit, and properly manage your energy consumption. Real-time graphs and alerts allow you to see what is going on at any point in time and can alert you to anomalies in case you don't happen to be on station when they happen.


Weather overlays will show you exactly what happens when outside temperatures drop or climb. Historical information will allow you to compare to last year's performance and Vitality trend analysis can help you define energy saving initiatives and verify their effectiveness.


Add Vitality to your profit margins!

"You Can't Manage
You Can't Measure"

Market specific features



With multiple login and custom

user interfaces, government

agencies can now have all their

energy data in one place.

For Profit

For Profit

Keep an eye on the one expense

that goes directly to the bottom

line, your energy consumption!

Building Owners

Building Owners

With live metering and utility

sub-meter (tenant) invoicing,

building owners have essential

energy tools at their fingertips.

Energy Professionals

Energy Professionals

Remove the mystery from energy management.  With Vitality, your customers can know exactly how

your products are performing.