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Obvius is a leading energy solutions provider offering meters, wireless metering, data acquisition, software and monitoring technologies used to display and manage energy usage and renewable energy generation. Obvius serves a global clientele and continues to driver innovation by simplifying data collection and connectivity.


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Formed in 1998 Accuenergy is a leading manufacturer of power and energy metering products for the distribution, control & management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes. Accuenergy specializes in advanced research, design and production of multifunction power meters, power quality analyzers, flexible current transformers, split core CT, network communication modules, cloud-base energy management systems and kilowatt billing solutions.. With an emphasis on innovation, quality, performance and cost-effective solutions Accuenergy has developed a growing global footprint with offices in Toronto Canada (Headquarter), Los Angeles and Beijing.


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Motors@Work is a cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides intelligent and intuitive analytics that enable our clients to optimize the performance of their motor-driven systems. We do this by providing timely technical and financial analytics on your equipment’s energy and reliability operating performance.  Motors@Work helps companies increase their asset reliability, improve collaboration between operations and maintenance, and cut energy and maintenance spending by up to 30%.


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DiVi Energy

DiVi Energy got its start as an energy consulting group working  with School Districts, Cities and property owners.  As we consulted with our clients a very distinct pattern arose concerning which efficiency measures worked best.  The Team realized  that the one type of project delivering consistent high returns was a LED retrofit project.  LED was just making its debut on the energy savings / lighting stage and therefore expensive. So … it was decided to use our experience and business knowledge to bring LED lighting direct from the factory floor to our clients while saving them money and making projects irresistible. We began researching, designing, testing and building our own lights.  Today DiVi is ramping up to build quality product on American soil needless to say we have become passionate about quality lighting! 


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Summit Energy
Summit Energy the only natural gas supply company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains. From refineries and power plants to manufacturers and the hospitality industry, Summit Energy supplies thousands of customers and municipalities in the Western states. Summit Energy is best known for it's reliable delivery.


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