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Real-Time Energy Analytics



Know your energy consumption

and what the various items on

your bill mean

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Make more informed decisions

by knowing your consumption

and flow rate



Save water by increasing

awareness of when and

where your water is flowing



See your return on investment

by measuring the production

of your renewable energy

Metering Can Be Intimidating... We Get That.

Metering Can Be Intimidating... We Get That.

Vitality Professional Packages

  • Automated utility bill tracking and analysis - requires no meter hookups, and/or
  • Pre-configured power meter - ready to plug in and go.
  • Fast and easy ways to start.
  • Enjoy basic Vitality benefits at low cost.
  • See cause/effect relationships.
  • Analyze consumption trends.
  • All packages are fully expandable.

Easy Install

With your permission, we connect Vitality to your online utility account and everything is automatic from there. If you choose the preconfigured meter option, any electrician can mount it, attach the CT's and plug it in. Vitality takes care of the rest!

Low cost

For a very low setup and monthly fee, Vitality turns your utility bills into a useful, cost-saving tool. For just a little more, you can add the quick start meter and add real-time consumption data and analysis to your energy saving toolbox!

just start

Vitality has a solution to fit your needs and budget. You can start small and upgrade later when you've proven the value to yourself and as your business grows. Let Vitality start helping you save money on energy today! Why wait?


Metering power is a great place to start with energy analytics.  The Vitality power meter is an easy to install meter that takes less than 20 minutes to install.  Once installed, the Vitality power meter gives you real time analytics on your energy consumption from, peak demand to power factor.  All of your key facility data is at your finger tips.


Gas consumption can easily become one of your biggest utility expenses.  Get control of when and how you are consuming gas at your facility with by adding the Vitality gas pulse.  This easy to install device gives you real-time analytics on your consumption.  We can monitor a variety of services including natural gas and propane.


Ever have a water leak?  How long did it take to find out?  Water metering can save companies thousands of dollars in damages and utility costs.  This easy to install meter can give you analytics and alarms into your facilities water consumption.  Start saving money today with water metering.