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How it works


1. Measure

Start by installing the quick start meter. This will properly measure your facility’s energy consumption


2. Identify

Our energy managers work directly with you to identify energy saving opportunities inside your facility.


3. Implement

Take the next step by implementing best practices and energy conservation measures. 


4. Maintain

Once your facility is optimized, Vitality continues to monitor your facility to make sure you remain on an optimal energy consumption path.

Vitality Quick Start Metering

EZV Panel.png

The Vitality Quick Start metering platform is the quickest and easiest way to start with energy analytics. This all-in-one platform ships with everything you need to get going. Installation is very simple and can be performed by any qualified electrician, after which the Quick Start meter automatically connects to the Vitality cloud giving you real-time energy analytics for your facility!



  • Utility Bill Automation and Comparison
  • Real-Time "Live" Energy data
  • Alarming
  • Reporting
  • Quick & Easy install
  • Easy expansion to unlimited additional meters, including gas, water, and others
  • No Internet Access Required!


Combined, all these features give you the insights you need to quickly gain control of your energy consumption and start saving money. What will you do with the time and money you will save?


Easy Install

The Vitality Quick Start meter is shipped with everything pre-wired and ready to connect. It can be installed by a qualified electrician in as little as an hour.  This all-in-one meter provides everything you need to begin managing your energy.  No internet connection required, just connect to power and begin!

Low cost

For a very low setup and monthly fee, Vitality turns your energy data into a useful, cost-saving tool. With help from your Vitality virtual energy manager, you can begin reducing your energy costs today! 

Virtual Energy Manager

The Vitality Quick Start meter comes with your very own, U.S. based virtual energy manager.  Our team of dedicated energy professionals can help you identify ways to reduce your energy consumption.  After a short on-boarding process, you will know exactly what to do to start seeing improvements in your bottom-line! 

Vitality Cloud-Based Features!

Real-Time Metering

The Vitality Energy platform makes it easy to see what is happening in your electrical system as it happens. For example, how much does that large bottling line consume while it is running? Or how much can you save by simply turning off lights when no one is in the room? Or when exactly are your demand spikes occurring? Knowing that, you can identify the activity that causes them. Easy to understand energy analytics can help you answer your energy questions and identify ways to reduce costs.

Utility Bill Automation

The Vitality Energy platform automates the compilation of all your utility bill data by automatically downloading, scraping and importing information directly from your utility bills. Remove the hassle of creating a spreadsheet to track utility charges. With Vitality you can easily verify the accuracy of your bills, or track ROI for energy conservation projects, and intelligently management energy costs.  Let Vitality save you time and money today! 

Save Money!

Work with your dedicated virtual energy manager to identify ways to reduce your energy consumption.  Our energy managers work closely with you to first identify ways to reduce energy waste, then identify ways to optimize your energy consumption and finally, eliminate operational sway.