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Tired of entering data into spreadsheets?

Not all tenants use the same amount of energy?

Get accurate, automated, Ratio Utility Billing (Rubs) with Vitality

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Get accurate and fast Tenant Billing on Vitaity

What is Ratio Utility Billing?

Do you have tenants?  Do you want to invoice them for operating expenses?  Ratio Utility Billing or RUBs allows you to bill back tenants for operating expense.   

How RUBs has been implemented in the past.  

For years many landlords, building owners, and building managers have been using complex spreadsheets and outdated software to implement Ratio Utility Billing.  This inaccurate process does not account for true tenant consumption and constant changing costs without massive amounts of human input.    

Automated Tenant Billing with Vitality

Vitality automates RUBs by automatically gathering operational invoices, scraping the data and generating invoices for your tenants.  This 100% automated process removes the human element of Ratio Utility Billing.    

Why Vitality is more accurate.

Vitality uses machine learning and complex algorithms to generate invoices for your tenants.  Our proprietary process allows you to generate invoices more accurately than any spreadsheet found today.   

Online Tenant Portal

The Vitality process allows your tenants to access data related to their invoices through our cloud-based platform. Through the platform, tenants can access historical information as well as pay invoices and speak with a customer support representative. Stop answering calls from your tenants that are frustrated with their invoices. Vitality takes the hassle out of the tenant bill back process.

The Merchandise Mart in Chicago uses Vitality to automatically invoice over 300 tenants monthly.
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