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Real-Time Energy Analytics



Know your energy consumption

and critical time of day as well

as peak demand

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Keep production costs down

by knowing your

consumption and flow rate



Save water by knowing

when and where

your water is flowing



See your return on investment by measuring the production

of your renewable energy

Sub-Metering For Increased Granularity

Real-time Energy Metering



When the big picture
is just too big.

Sub-metering is like having a zoom lens on your camera. Now you can see details the main meter just cannot provide.
Can you ever have too much intelligence?


Real-time data

Vitality displays all of your sub-meter data in real-time, allowing you to know what is causing your energy consumption as it happens.

Deeper insights

With detailed and custom charting, Vitality allows you to know what is consuming energy in your facility giving you the tools to manage your energy.

custom alarms

Vitality allows you to create key alarms to alert you to developing problems before they grow out of control.

Sub-metering has never been easier.

Vitality Quick Start


Don't know where to start?  Vitality offers an all-in-one solution for starting energy metering the easy way

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Metering Design


Need more data?  Let us design a complete metering system for the analytics you needs.  

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