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Vitality Utility Bill COmpare See it in action


Vitality can automatically retrieve all utility bill data directly from the utility.  Let Vitality do all the leg work in collecting and dissecting utility bill data.


If automation is not an option, Vitality can automatically extract utility data from utility bills that are emailed directly into the system.


Is your utility still living in the stone age and offering only paper invoices?  By having those invoices mailed directly to Vitality we can scan, scrape and automate the utility bill process.

Conceptualize Utility Bill Data

Utility Compare.png

Remove the mystery. Understand the utility.


Vitality's Utility Bill Verification Module compares sub-meter data to utility bills for a 3rd party verification of utility costs.

"Vitality's Utility Bill Automation has saved me hours and countless dollars by automating the utility bill entry process"

-Cameron Scott,
Energy Manager
Salt Lake City Corporation

How it works.

How it works.

Vitality’s Utility Bill module can automatically pull the pertinent information from your utility bills to provide the analysis you need to manage your energy. All you have to do is link Vitality to your Utility accounts and Vitality takes care of the rest. It can even go back and extract past data to provide base-line information.


Optionally, Vitality will also compare the Utility bill information to the data from your own meters and provide accuracy reports. This will allow you to either be confident that the bills truly are accurate or to provide the indisputable evidence you need to contest the information on your bills.


With Vitality, you can focus on those things that will save you time and money and allow you to better manage your energy consumption.



3rd Party Integration

Do you need Energy Star Portfolio Manager support? Through Vitality's integration APIs, pertinent utility information is collected, appropriately formatted and passed along to the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Further, Portfolio Manager reports can be displayed without ever leaving the Vitality platform.


Vital integrations are a snap with Vitality.