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Utility Submetering Info

Interesting in automating energy costs?

Do you have a wide range of types of tenants?

Want to incentivize energy savings?

Vitality can help with Utility Submetering.

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Utility Sub-Metering Made Easy

EZV Panel

Installation of New Meters

Don't have existing submeters?  No problem.  Vitality can assist in the identification and proper installation of utility submetering.  

Existing Submeters?

Do you have existing submeters?  Great!  Vitality can connect to thousands of different submeters.  Don't throw away money you have wisely invested.   


Budget Constraints?

Vitality offers a complete turn-key solution to utility submetering.  We understand that this could be a hard and expensive process.  With Vitality, there are no high upfront costs to submetering, just one low monthly cost for hardware.  

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The Merchandise Mart in Chicago uses Vitality to automatically invoice over 300 tenants monthly.
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