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Why Virtual Energy Managers?

Technology has now made it possible to handle many business functions in a virtual manner. Virtual Executive Assistants, virtual CFOs, and virtual HR directors have made it possible for businesses who can’t quite justify full-time positions to have all the benefits of those positions at a much lower cost.
Utilizing new and innovative analytics technologies, Vitality Energy has pioneered a new approach to energy management that enables them to provide virtual energy managers to their customers. For a fraction of the annual cost of a full-time energy manager, you can experience all the benefits without having to add another person to the payroll. If you already have an energy manager, adding a virtual energy manager can help him/her do a lot more for very little expense.



Energy Metering Design.

Easy Metering.
Energy Dashboards
Virtual Energy Manager.

Our complete energy management system will help you reduce your energy consumption and add money to your bottom line. Never feel stuck again!
Our virtual energy managers will help you overcome your challenges and give you more time to focus on what's most important.

What Can Virtual Energy Managers help me with?


Benchmarking is the process of documenting your starting point. By knowing where you started, you can more easily demonstrate progress and justify expenditures. Benchmarking your building(s) is a critical function of proper energy management.

Optimize Energy Costs

This might include reducing consumption and/or assuring that you are not being overbilled because of an inappropriate rate schedule assignment. Whatever the cause, you don’t want to pay more than is necessary. The Vitality team of energy professionals can help you minimize your utility costs.

Save you Money

Before you invest in any energy producing initiative, like solar or co-generation, it is important that you make your facility as energy efficient as possible.  Our team of energy managers will help you optimize your building’s energy efficiency.

You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure

This is a fundamental and universal truth. With the Vitality Quick Start meter and virtual energy managers, you will have the best in measurement tools and unlimited help with translating those measurements into money saving actions. Your energy manager becomes your advocate to make sure you are getting the most of your energy.  For one low monthly fee, you get all of the following:


  • Meter
  • Real-Time Energy Manager
  • Monthly Benchmark Reports
  • Ability to schedule a time with your energy manager

Get Started

Easy four step process


Step 1: Measure

Identify existing meters and what additional meters are needed for a complete energy profile.


Step 2: Reduce

Create construction ready plans for full metering infrastructure.


Step 3: Produce

Oversee the bid, construction and implementation process to verify a seamless integration.


Step 4: Maintain

Program and commission meters to verify data being provided to the Vitality Platform is accurate.

Easy-To-Use Platform

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